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A warm welcome to Adage Online; an ambitious project aiming to present 

the first comprehensive multilingual database of hadīth on the Internet


Prophet Muhammad's traditions and teachings are considered to be the second source of legislation and guidance in Islām after the Qur'ān. By resorting to the Prophet's own words, the seeker of knowledge guarantees an authentic and unbiased insight into the world of Islām. Muhammad's teachings embody what is perhaps one of the most needed messages, in a world battered by conflict, blinded by prejudices and grieved with the absence of mercy and tolerance. Despite the many ambitious attempts to preserve Muhammad's precious legacy, there are only partial translations available on the Internet.


At Adage, we are working every day to translate new ahādīth, create new cards, and work on numerous other products - all related to this great legacy. Please keep your eyes on this space, as more ahādīth will be available on a regular basis. This is a humble contribution to the introduction of Islamic teachings to all.